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Quotes - Food for the mind

Sometimes you find answers in quotes.

The sort of stuff I like:

  • Insanity is a part of a Sane mind

  • Life is impossible without Blind Faith and Interdependence

  • A butterfly flapping its wings contributes towards a flying swarm

  • All say God is formless but NO one stops calling 'IT', 'HIM'

  • Don't be fond of Roses, they have Thorns. The beauty of a Lotus is overlooked , as it grows in a Dirty Pond

  • If impossible says 'I m possible', then impartial says 'I m partial

  • Every journey begins with a first step

  • Success is a collection of unaccepted failure

  • Before you say, Think 

 Truth Chariot


    Stoneman Murders Case - A Forensic Look

    The Stoneman Murders of Mumbai

              The Stoneman is so far the most elusive and mysterious serial killer in the Indian crime history. The police found no clues and to date does not even know whether it was the work of one man, a group or even if it was a man or a woman. Between the years 1985-87, 12 pavement dwellers were killed while in sleep.

    Lost Indian Culture

    "We should never forget our culture.", is something you would hear from a lot of people in India. During this conversation neither the speaker nor the listener gives a thought about "What is Indian Culture?"
    A Wikipedia search on Indian Culture would define culture based on religions, spirituality, cuisine, arts, clothing , languages, literature,sports and popular media. However, this does not exactly fall in line with the subject. A closer look at the Wikipedia article would give two words - Aryan and Dravidian. There is widespread controversy as to whether - they are two different races, Aryans were immigrants and if Aryan is the name of a race. Practically, 80 % Indians(Aryan or Dravidian) have accepted the authority of Vedas and similar literature as their guide for life. So with this as the base, I will outline a couple of real Indian cultural practices and modern associated myths as follows: