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[Solved]2.1 Speaker Setting for Windows

 A lot of PC users have 2.1 speaker systems, but are not able to reap the benefits in later versions of Windows edition. Windows 8.1 onward, we have sound settings for stereo, quadraphonic, 5.1 and 7.1. When the 2.1 system is set to stereo settings, the sub woofer would have sound, but wouldn't function as it would normally. Bottom line, No BASS!! Do you want to know, how to set a windows 2.1 system in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10?

Lost Indian Culture

"We should never forget our culture.", is something you would hear from a lot of people in India. During this conversation neither the speaker nor the listener gives a thought about "What is Indian Culture?"                                A Wikipedia search on Indian Culture(East Indian) would define culture based on religions, spirituality, cuisine(food), arts, clothing(ethnic costumes), values, customs and traditions, lifestyle, languages, literature,sports and popular media. Not to be confused with native culture(As Americans still believe Columbus found the right island). However, this does not exactly fall in line with the subject. A closer look at the Wikipedia article would give two words - Aryan and Dravidian. There is widespread controversy as to whether - they are two different races, Aryans were immigrants and if Aryan is the name of a race. Practically, 80 % Indians(Aryan or Dravidian) have accepted the authority of Vedas and similar literature as the

Lost Indian Culture - II

I did break some serious beliefs in my first post and this one will drill deeper and clean a few more. The concept here relates to culture and religion. Basically, there are eight religions in the world - four originated in the Gulf and the rest in India. Most religions present in the west originated in the gulf and are called western or Abrahamic religions.                                           The four religions originating in India are called Dharmic paths, as per Wikipedia . This is the most common mistake made by all Indians as no proper explanation is offered on what Dharma and Pantha are. Aptly, Indian religions should be called Panthas (Paths). However, that isn't the purpose of this post. Indians are believed to be very cultured and religious. Modern Indian citizens tend to think that religion divides, spreads exploitation and is fascist. But neither the religious, nor the self proclaimed secular know what our religions and culture teach us. Negligence to s