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Google Sheets

Google Sheets

The second in line after Docs is Sheets - "Google Sheets". Sheets(or G Sheets) is the alternative for Microsoft Excel. It has almost all the functionalities that MS Excel has and may be more. It is the spreadsheet software part of the G Suite cloud service. Google has done a great job in making it available in app form for most platforms.

It is a no-purchase spreadsheet editor or maker and has great functionalities for professional and personal users.

Google Sheets has no upfront fee and it becomes an obvious choice for. That is you do not require to purchase or need a credit card to use the full featured version. It allows user to create spreadsheets and save them online. Saved sheets can be easily downloaded in a desired format. It is a way better option than the Open Source Office suites.

So, lets start on how to use it. It is pretty simple, no installation required as Sheets is a web application. That means, it works online. All the user needs is an internet connection and a google account. I know what you are thinking - who doesn't have a Google account. Well, if you have signed up for any Google service, like G Mail, you have a Google account.

How to get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Use your Google/G Mail username and password to log in
That's it! You can use Google Sheets now to create a new spreadsheet or open existing ones. The Google account comes with a lot of connected services and one of them is Google Drive. It gives you 15 GB of storage space, without a purchase.

So with all that said, lets us talk value:

Google Sheets as a Spreadsheet:

Like MS Excel, the user can easily create a Spreadsheet and write in it, the same way.

New Sheet
New sheet on Google Sheets

Just click on the colourful '+' sign that reads 'Blank' and you ready to be a writer.

Start a new sheet in Google Sheets

Begin with a template in Google Sheets:

Templates, in Sheets, are pre-designed sheets that take the leg work out and help the user create sheets in less time.

Templates available in Google Sheets:

Google Sheets has templates in 4 categories. The six are:
  1. Personal
  2. Work
  3. Project Management
  4. Education
You may further prefer to start with a specific template in these categories. It easier to write using templates, since the user does not have to start from scratch. Also, formatting the sheets is easy as most of it is already done.

Access Spreadsheets anywhere with Google Sheets

All the sheets are store in the cloud on Google Drive. That means the sheets you just made is not stored on your computer, but on a Google Server(which is their computer). Hence, the sheet can easily be opened in any computer/smartphone/tablet in the world with an internet/data connection. Also, Google Drive and Sheets are so well integrated that the user can see all sheets on Google Sheets(that are store in Google Drive).

 No need to Explicitly Save Spreadsheets with Google Sheets

Have you ever worked on an excel spreadsheet for a straight 2 hours and the laptop battery ran out. Or there is a power surge and all your work is lost. MS Excel addressed this issue with recovering sheets, but the feature is not that good. Often times, the work is not saved at the point the PC shutdown or the spreadsheet would get corrupted.

Google Sheets has an 'Auto Save' feature that saves the sheet regularly while the user is typing. That means the chances of losing the sheet are very slim.

View older versions of your Spreadsheet with Google Sheets

 Google Sheets saves all versions of the sheet and hence it is easy to get to previous versions. So, lets say you wrote a shopping list in sheets and saved it. Then, the list was edited and saved. After editing the list, if you want to get the original list back, it can be easily done by clicking on the 'Last edit' link.

Edit History in Google Docs
Edit History in Google Sheets
When clicked, it shows the following screen:
Revision History in Google Docs
Revision History in Google Sheets

As you can see, all the versions of the sheet are listed here. The user can easily compare the versions to see the edits.
Restore Previous Versions in Google Docs
Restore Previous Versions in Google Sheets

The older version will have the option to be restored and the user may switch back to the older sheet by the clicking  the 'Restore this version button'.

Add ons in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, the user has the option of installing 'add-ons ' that make content creation easier. For instance, you may create a diagram in Lucidchart and insert it into your sheet; with the Lucidchart add on. 
Add ons in Google Sheet

Above is the G Suite Marketplace and you may search and install 'add-ons' here.

Convert Sheets using Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows its users to export the sheets in various formats.

Download options in Google Sheets

The above options are available for download with Google Sheets. This makes Google Sheets a great way to create reports, charts, planner and pretty much any spreadsheet.

While, Adobe Acrobat Reader only lets you read PDF sheets, Google Sheets allows you to save in PDF. Hence, you can create PDF file with Google Sheets, with no purchase involved.

Google Sheets Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

A user may install the Google Sheets app on their Android or iOS device and easily create sheets. This feature makes it usable on most devices, with ease.

Google Sheets on the Web

Google Sheets is a web application, meaning that the application works in a browser. You have the option to install the Chrome plugin, if you are using Google Chrome, and use Google Sheets.

 Share Sheets using Google Chrome

Since, Google Sheets are saved in Google Drive, they are easy to share on the internet.

Share Files with Google Docs
Share files with Google Sheets

The user can click on the Share button in the top right corner and easily share with their G Mail Contacts or via an email. There is also an option to publish the sheet on the web and share it using a shareable Google link(Caution: This means everyone can see your spreadsheet via the link).

There is a lot more to write about, but this post is getting very long. Altogether, Google Sheets is a great software for end users. Whereas, G Suite makes a great tool for Small Businesses(even large enterprises). If you are a small business owner(or just a business owner), it makes sense to buy G Suite subscription to use all the tools and reduce workload by seamlessly integrating tasks.

If you are interested in purchasing G Suite, you may use the links below to get a 20% discount on your first year of use:

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