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[Solved]Orbit Downloader - Chrome problem.

If you have typed "Orbit Downloader stuck with Chrome" or a variant of it, you know exactly what this post is about. It is an application to handle internet downloads effectively.

            However, some user intend to just try or have another option. It is very easy to uninstall and all seems fine until the user tries to download the program after that. The program is gone but the browser send a message that the download has been sent to it. As a result no gain. I got frustrated and searched the internet and a forum message suggested I should delete the file nporbit.dll . So, I went into my folder and exposed the hidden and system file and reached to this particular dll, finally. Phew! Even though I am a techie, the process was annoying,because the end result says cannot find plugin. I tried initiating the download again and was pissed at the Chrome and Orbit.

              It was evident that a behaviour was set-up in the chrome settings for the Orbit Downloader plugin and no matter what we did on the outside it would finally go and search for the plugin, but not use the default chrome download feature. Hello Google, that is a feature you can include to switch to the primary downloader once the user opted software fails and ensure smooth running of Chrome.

               Until that does not happen, I will take this opportunity to easily solve this issue. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. In the Address Bar ( The bar where we type our web addresses like type:

                         Press Enter.

3. Scroll the list and look for the Orbit Downloader plug-in

4. Click Disable.

              Tadaa! Problem solved. 

                          Additionally, you may uninstall any other annoying plug-ins that are trashing Chrome from this menu and have a wonderful browsing experience. Enjoy!!


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