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Open Courseware Initiative

Notes??                          The most asked questions throughout my entire engineering life. Engineering books are quite expensive and some college teachers are hopeless. I don't say all my teachers are bad. I really respect my teachers for making me what I am and shaping my thinking and knowledge. But its true that occasionally we meet a teacher who has no idea what he is doing among learners. So notes make a big difference in studies. Well my career and education have become a joke as I am still not a recognized engineering graduate in Canada. So I will be giving my engineering exams again, for the third time. Hence, I can award myself the designation as the most experienced and trusted source on engineering course material .

                          I wanted to share these with all my friends and budding engineers who have the above question in mind. Truth Chariot will include various tutorials and that is not what this post is about. While studying for my engineering exa…