The Washerman

 I was just going through some washing machine descriptions at a website and came across this video. At first, I thought it might be an advertisement or a funny video. Comic videos are one of my favourites and urged me to take a look at this video.
                            The video features a man in his late fifties who humbly narrates to the crowd the importance of the first washing machine in his house. What followed next was a brilliant realization in the form of the most enjoyable presentation. Is it possible?  Well checkout for yourself:

Hans Rosling - The Magic Washing Machine
                                 Enjoyed it? Wanna know what he uses? Lets check out who he is and also his famous presentation software. Hans Rosling is a Swedish doctor, professor, statistician, researcher and a public speaker. He studied at the Uppsala University, Sweden and the St. John's Medical College, Bangalore. Rosling obtained his PhD from the Uppsala University for the discovery of Konzo, a paralytic disorder. He has a flair for statistics and represents data in way that is easily digestible by any audience. Using visual tools he enhances his presentation to make data colorful, understandable and actually move. By data moving, I mean the introduction of animation in a presentation without changing too many slides and yet represent a lot of data in fewer slides. Compact, simple and graphical to present.

                                  Along with his son, Ola Rosling, Hans co-founded the Gapminder Foundation which released the software, Trendalyzer. It simply takes in statistical data and produces a visual representation. It was a instant favourite among all audiences and Google was fast to acquire it. Google users can find this facility in Google Docs under the spreadsheet software. Google has also released a Gadget, Motion Charts, based on this software. Another good resource is the Gapminder website which has compiled global data based on various aspects in the above seen visual format. So compare notes on the world at:
                                Isn't is just like a game? I am sure you had fun.
                                It seems like a normal innovation, but why did I bring it up? I like when some hunts  multiple preys with a single arrow. One single video above deals with the prevailing stereotypes, better presentation techniques, real world statistics delivery, social awareness, green initiative promotion and, the best of all, edutainment. His presentations are very close to reality and depict the authors boldness to his audience. I was influenced by Rosling's presentations because they promote innovation. Quite easily, he shows how one can use no electricity and yet make an excellent presentation:
On Population Growth
 Is that all the reasons for liking his work? No! Check out what he has to say about the Desis:
Rise of Asia - India
                              After all, I am an Indian and like to see my Motherland come up against the world.
Rosling is washing out:
  • The misconceptions and providing real facts
  • Disease and promoting Global Health
  • Boring presentations and making learning fun
  • Narrow-mindedness and promoting liberal thinking
"The Washerman"                              Well, the hard-hitting fact here is our education system. It is highly dependent on its western counterpart and yet totally lacks the applicability and practicality that is peculiar of the western education system. Indian textbooks till date carry the same outlook at the world as the west - WE(stern world) and TH(ird world)EM. The profound reason for immigration from India to the west. There is a  need to change the perception of our own people first and then the rest of the world. It also shows the role of technological advances in a country's economy. Hence it makes of utmost importance to contain and promote Indian innovation within India.
                                            We need the innovation, spirit and boldness of Hans Rosling to succeed in our life. The important part of this man is simplicity and fun. This is just an introduction to this brilliant mind  and I will conclude this post with resources to explore more about Rosling, his work and more presenter and statistics resources as follows:

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