The Home Project, by Yann Arthus - Bertrand

homeA fantastic yet realistic film revealing the consequences of human consumption. Evolution and development was never seen with such an angle. By angle, I mean philosophically as well as photographically. Kudos, to Yann Arthus-Bertrand for making a complete and enchanting documentary on the need for the green initiative and control on consumption.  A must see for every earth dweller:


                            The statistics of Rosling may be very graspable and fun, but nothing can make one more concerned for the environment than this film. It is described as a carbon offset movie which is apt to its every word. In this article we will discover about the movie and the maker.

                             Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a french photographer, actor, journalist and environmentalist. He is the president of the Good Planet Foundation. His interest in nature was and is a prominent part of his life. While studying the habitat of lions in the Masai Mara reserve, his interest grew in photography and graphical excellence. After noticing the impact of aerial photography, he established the Altitude Agency -  world's first aerial photography bank. With help from UNESCO, he did a study of the world's environment using aerial photography and published remarkable clicks in his book, Earth from Above. Together with Luc Besson and the PPR group, he started a movie initially called Boomerang and later named it to HOME.
                              HOME is a movie about the greenhouse gas emissions illustrating the cause and effect of the phenomenon. It is a journey that, literally, starts from the very beginning of life and slowly defines Consumption. Very soon we realize the increase in this vicious cycle and the introduction of Industrialisation. Arthus-Bertrand's team travelled throughout the world shooting aerially for this film using helicopters and hot air balloons. Generous investments were made by various brands which also became a reason for criticism by the media. The making of the movie can be seen at:


                                I wont include the individual videos for all the locations as they could be linked from this video. We can establish the risk and hard work the team went through and they manage to capture very High Definition images using a chopper. Difficulties are obvious; such as crew limitation of four including the pilot and hence they chose to fly a cameraman, camera engineer and Arthus-Bertrand. Not to forget the HD Cineplex camera that flew with them too. Former military imaging technology used to kill, now being used to save life on Earth.
                                Home shows the reality in Rosling's statistics and establishes the need to lower consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Despite the remarks of distinguished critics based on the sponsor's past, this movie is a masterpiece and succeeds in making an impact on its viewer. I conclude by saying that such initiative must be encouraged(may be with credible sponsors) to better educate people and help save Gaia.

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