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[Solved]How to post photos on Instagram from a Computer(Laptop or Desktop)

Instagram has been an integral part of the mobile experience of smartphone users and seems like it will continue to do so. An amazing idea to share beauty though a picture(and may be words), it was quickly identified as a platform to advance careers and business. You may have across a lot of #insta users who have managed to turn it into a cash yielding stream of constant income(the hashtag revolution). I am not talking about the celebrities, but influencers and they need some tricks up their sleeves to do this.
Have you ever felt the inability to post a picture from your computer(desktop/laptop) to Instagram? Or perhaps, you were brought here because you searched how to post on Instagram using laptop or desktop. Well, it is not that difficult and I am going to show you just that, in this post.

Google Docs

The most sought out software, when I was working as a store Computer Technician, was MS Office(Microsoft Office.)  I would suggest clients  to go with the Open Office suite, however, they were not really fond of the user interface(UI - the look) of it. It was very crude, yet served the purpose. Along came Google with their Docs app.

Google Docs(G Docs or just Docs) is a great offering for a home user looking for a no-purchase alternative to MS Word. Google has other Office software, too; however we will only concentrate on Google Docs.

How to stay safe on the Internet?

Have you wondered what is the safest way to surf the Internet? Did you ever Google How to stay safe online or on the Internet or the social media?
I was asked for tips to surf the web safely and I compiled the following list. I have tried to cover most of the topics, however, I would encourage the reader to always keep current about know Internet threats.

[Solved]How to Optimize Windows Startup Process?

Everybody recommends having the bare minimum programs at startup for a faster PC, but how would one do that? This process requires some know-how and a lot of googling and reading(also understanding).

[Solved]How to Speed up your Windows Computer?

Whether you are buying a computer for business or for personal use, being knowledgeable about your purchase help realize your options and make an optimal decision.

Its not new that Windows PC users struggle with speed issues. Computing speed mainly depends on two kinds of factors:Hardware and Software. In this post we shall see how these factors come into play and how some changes in the operating system can speed up your computer.


In the Box: Its a major player in computer speed. Faster Processor and High Frequency RAM(Memory) are key in computing speed. When buying a PC look for these specifications. Usually, people would say as if my PC can connect to the internet or can I use to view pictures. Wake up consumers, all computers can do that in 2019.

1. Processor: Processor speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). Higher the number(speed), faster the processor. Also cores play a major role. 4 cores are better than a single core. Even the newer tablets(processors in the tabl…

[Solved]2.1 Speaker Setting for Windows

A lot of PC users have 2.1 speaker systems, but are not able to reap the benefits in later versions of Windows edition. Windows 8.1 onward, we have sound settings for stereo, quadraphonic, 5.1 and 7.1. When the 2.1 system is set to stereo settings, the sub woofer would have sound, but wouldn't function as it would normally. Bottom line, No BASS!! Do you want to know, how to set a windows 2.1 system in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10?