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"Do you blog?"
                   The question was put to me by a friend, a few years ago. Since then I have been pondering on whether I should or not start a blog to broadcast my views on different aspects of life and the world. It took me a while to establish my blog platform, however I intend to keep it informative, attractive and interesting.

                  An introduction is required as to who am I? As complicated and simple the answer might be, I believe people around me are the best judge to it. Yet here is an attempt:

Interests: Physics, Electronics, Computers, Karting, Religion, Cultures, Music and Friends.

                   A Sikh by religion and Indian by culture, I am currently located in Canada. My brags are the people around me who have been always present with me and now Truth Chariot. On October 22, 2005 was the birth of Powai Pals. A group of very lively yet diverse people who came together via Orkut and took an internet group to a new level. A common factor binding them was not only geographical but also a fun loving attitude. As the creator of the group, I am very happy to have met these wonderful bunch of pals and hope the community remains fun-filled forever.

                 The topics I will be writing will cover various subjects that I have keen interest in and will depict my view and understanding of them. Namely, they would be Religion, Indian Culture, Music, Technology, Learning etc.

                 I hope you will enjoy my postings and are welcome to make comments regarding them.