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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fox And The Grapes, Revisited

             "As evident, I laid the foundation for the sorry state of Indian Culture and very soon will be dropping bombs on some even more sensitive yet overlooked issues. It is very disturbing when minor details are misinterpreted changing the whole face of a society. Childhood is the most beautiful part of our life; when we learn at a faster rate than any other point in our lives. Amongst various colorful and alphanumeric datum are stories and one of them is  'The Fox and The Grapes' . Hence, I came up with my own modified version of this tale to bring religious practices and the thinking of the people in India and around the world to light:"                               

The Foxes and The Grapes

                                Once upon a time there was a fox passing through a forest. He was very hungry and was not able to find anything to eat. The sun was shining bright and his patience grew shorter with time. He wandered throughout the forest, but all the trees were fruitless. His feet were weary and weak. 
                               The fox came across a grape tree. It was loaded with fruit that appeared very delicious. However, the grapes were very high. Hunger drove the fox to try and grab the grapes. He jumped to reach them but would fall short. He jumped over and over again, however all the effort went in vain. The fox stood down in hunger and disappointment. When living species are in great pain or discontentment, knew ideologies and paths are developed. Along came the golden words:

"The grapes are sour"

                                 This marked a significant moment in the history of foxes. Following the path of this great leader, a vast majority of foxes and vixen believed that the grapes are sour and not to be eaten or even tried for. This new philosophy quickly established itself and was respected throughout the community.

                                 Knowledge and wisdom were blossoming that day, just as if it was a cosmic play. Along came a vixen(the real female fox, I mean). She was in a slightly better condition than the fox. The 'Sour' culture just celebrated its birthday and was not known yet. Whereas, the vixen was orthodox in her thinking. Since her younger days, she was taught; that the grapes are very sweet, but never had the opportunity to taste them. On arriving at the tree, she observes the beauty of the tree and remembers that the grapes are sweet and delicious. However, she does not make an effort to reach for them. With this realization in her mind she leaves the tree and moves ahead on her path.
                                  This is symbolic of the orthodox thinking of the vulpine community. These two philosophies are practised by majority of the skulk, with very few exceptions. Noteworthy, that both kinds of foxes never ate the grapes, regardless of the number of times they passed the tree.
                                 Finally, arrives at the tree, a couple(a fox and a vixen). They are dying of hunger and need the grapes for their survival. Despite constant contact with the sour and orthodox philosophies, all they remember now are the grapes. They both jump to reach the tree, but to no avail. The tree is very high. With complete disregard to the pain they inflict on the effort, they keep jumping. Suddenly, they realise that they both have to work simultaneously to succeed. Together, they collected wood from all around the tree and tied them with ropes to make two long sticks.  Ultimately, the key to the grapes was revealed and the couple ate the delicious fruit.
                                 A spectator might think that the entire fox community eats grapes and is very well informed about the same. Extensive research might have been conducted by them and hence the prevalent media communicates a similar message. The close kept secret is that the path to the grapes is very difficult and followed by a handful of vulpine, only.

"So what is the moral of the story??"
"Can you identify the types of personae outlined in the fable??" 



Madhu Nair said...

interesting...goes beyond the normal attitude of grapes are sour....

Truth Chariot said...

yes. defines the prevalent religious thinking of people around the world.